I am about half way through reading ‘The Elegant Universe” by Brian Greene. It’s about the ‘String Theory’. (This is still a theory, but one that looks increasingly like it may be correct.) I’m finding it a difficult – and slow – read, but for some bizarre reason I am interested in learning about quantum physics. I say bizarre because I don’t see myself as a very intellectual or studious person, but something drives me to seek out and to at least try and understand – even in a somewhat limited way – what it is all about.

I feel that the quantum world (the very small world) and string theory in particular, is very important and holds the key to our understanding of how the world REALLY works – not how we imagine it works, but how it really works! I feel that if we can have an understanding of this, then we will have a better understanding of ourselves and maybe even a chance of making some better decisions as to how we look after our planet.

So for me Quantum Physics contains hope. It also feels exciting. It is really freaky and turns almost everything I was taught about the world on it’s head! That can be frightening too – as suddenly I feel like I am standing on shifting sand – but the most important thing for me is to seek the truth; to try to understand it as best I can, and then to use this to inform how I live and what I do.

One of the interesting things about the Quantum world is that it helps to explain many of the more esoteric ideas that have existed for millennia. Often subjects that have been deemed to be unscientific or just plain ‘woo hoo!’ It provides a deeper understanding of things like homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, meditation, sound and heat therapies, the power of love and much more! It is a metaphorical bridge between science and the ethereal world.

As I say I’m only half way through the book, but it would seem that the very smallest thing that scientists have discovered are these ‘strings’ that are the absolute smallest constituents of anything and everything. They are about a hundred billion billion times smaller than an atomic nucleus! Tiny!

It seems that these strings are constantly vibrating and that everything in the universe is vibrating at different levels. This has huge impacts for the future and I believe we will see vibrations in terms of light, heat and sound being used more and more to promote well-being and to treat illness. In the meantime I will continue to slowly read and learn!

Here is Brian Greene explaining the basic idea of String Theory, very clearly, in 3 minutes.