Some days we don’t feel so great – often for no particular reason that we can identify. Its easy to ‘feel good’ when you do feel good, but more of a challenge when you don’t! Sometimes we even begin to ‘beat ourselves up’ for not being more positive, capable, full of energy, clever etc ………….. the list is as long as we care to make it! It’s great isn’t it? First we feel a bit low and then we tell ourselves a whole lot of negative things! No wonder life seems uphill at times!

Start listening to the voice in your head and make sure it is telling you some good stuff today! This is so important – you need to become your own ‘best friend’ and supporter and speaking in an encouraging and kind way is a great place to start.

You can also carry out positive actions – however small. These could even be actions that you reap the benefits of at some point in the future – so you begin to create happy days and feelings in advance! This is why planting seeds or making a garden is such a positive thing. Three years ago I scattered a few wild flower seeds in front of our house and every year since we have had flowers – especially poppies!