In 2008 Ann and myself did a 12 day permaculture course on the Isle of Man, the weather was awful but we loved the course. The tutors and the participants were all Wonderful. Classes were held out doors when the sun shone briefly, and in a beautiful yurt the rest of the time. It was quite alternative and wasn’t your usual holiday but we both learned a lot about a wide range of practical subjects.

The course was full of information about peak oil, climate change and financial collapse. There was also lots of information about alternative energy and different building techniques. There was access to a whole library of Permaculture books about how to live more simply. We toured the island, visiting some very interesting alternative projects and spoke with inspirational people about what they were doing.

We returned back to Yorkshire completely inspired. Although we tried to pass some of this information on, we think there is no substitute for spending some time on a course or using the information from Permaculture Magazine. There are lots of different courses listed in the magazine. We have loaned copies of the Permaculture magazine to people and they have all benefited from reading the articles. We were recently very pleased to be featured on their website.

Although it took us a while to get here, certainly the initial spark was the course on the Isle of Man so a big thanks to Rod Everett and Mill Millichap.