The one course is delivered in a very open, person centred way by myself and my wife Ann. We create a framework for the open expression of ideas by all attendees. We help create an environment in which all participants feel supported on their personal journey by all others on the course.

There are no right or wrong answers and we start by jointly determining the values which will make the course successful for us individually and collectively. We use the principles of kindness, non-judgement and helpfulness towards each other to guide us all on a path of personal improvement.

We are all capable of helping others and being helped. Non of us are experts and all of us are fallible humans. We have one life and if we plant some flowers for the bees and butterflies during that life, that in itself would be wonderful. Come and plant some flowers with us, it will be fun.

Ann and me spent a lot of time working on Growing with Grace organic farm before we came out to France. We used to put edible flowers amongst the salad which was lovely.

Even if you don’t come on the course, plant some flowers, or some vegetables.